Splitsville News

Even the press knows we have style.
Up Your Alley
  • Miami, FL
Any sport that allows a purse, matching shoes, and giant balls is your idea of healthy competition. Add five swanky bars, a restaurant that serves everything from petite burgers to sushi, a dance floor, and music worthy of a SoBe hotspot, and you’ve got newly opened bowling lounge Splitsville. The thirteen-lane alley calls family-friendly Sunset Place home, yet you’re more likely to see birthdays celebrated with tequila shots and volcano rolls than clowns and gutter bumpers — especially after 8 p.m. when it becomes an adults-only venue. The adorable rental shoes are brought to you by a hostess. And if you want BBQ pizza while you try for a turkey, a server will deliver it to your lane or the nearest flat-screen TV. Of course, there are balls of all weights and colors. Get your mind out of the gutter. [LINK: October 27, 2008, Daily Candy Miami Edition]