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Disney to Add Splitsville Bowling Alley
  • Orlando, FL

Dads, moms, kids, and PBA bowlers, if you have been searching for an upscale bowling alley, you need look no farther. Splitsville is finally coming to Disney. While there are no PBA tournaments in the works yet, the new Disney attraction will be a world-class bowling alley fit for the highest kings in the sport, and the most discriminating family members.

The new addition is scheduled to open this fall and hosts a multitude of amenities other bowling alleys can only dream of. The new 45,000 square foot entertainment center will sport 31 bowling lanes on two luxurious floors.

The full service restaurant will feature items like fresh rolled sushi, tasty sliders, and hand-tossed pizza. Splitsville will also have live music and billiards. It will be the perfect place
to get out of the hot sun and bowl a game or two while relaxing in cool airconditioned luxury.

Be careful though, once you coax the kids into the alley, they may not want to leave. Forget the old bowling alley that has musty carpet and hot dogs as the main course. With a new contemporary design, and a ton of recreational activities, Splitsville can be addictive. One taste of the fun filled luxury lanes and the youngsters may want to spend all night there. The good news is, they can’t, and they can’t blame you for not letting them. Splitsville has a split personality. During the day the alley caters to kids and family events, but at 8 p.m., the alley turns into an over-21 crowd only.

With a wide variety of beer and mixed drinks, mom and dad can relax and enjoy a refreshing cocktail, live music, and bowling all at the same time. Splitsville takes reservations also, to make sure there is a lane open when you get there.

Splitsville currently has bowling alleys in Texas, Virginia, and two in Florida. The Disney World attraction is scheduled to be open this fall, and is expected to be the most luxurious and technologically advanced entertainment center of them all.

The Splitsville bowling alley has been on the Disney drawing board since 2007. It was put on hold for economic reasons, and just recently got the go ahead. Disney is expected to make a formal announcement of its opening date later this summer.

A small town league bowler for many years, I am fortunate to have found, and greatly enjoy one the more social sports activities, and to anyone that says I sandbagged on my handicap, I plead the fifth.

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