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  • Tampa, FL

Each year, 55 million people try their hand a bowling around the world. Everyone finds a bit of joy in the experience from the avid league bowler to the weekend warrior. But the age-old image of bowling is about to change with the new opening of Splitsville, America’s Bowling Alley, at Downtown Disney this Fall.

“We’re really excited to be opening our doors in such a special place,” said Guy Revelle, co-founder of Splitsville. “Bowling is a perfect experience for groups of all sizes. It’s where families come together to create memories, children can teach adults, and friendly rivalries are born. Guests laugh, shout, cheer and bring back the timeless high-five. And that’s just in the first frame!”



If you think that this is your father’s bowling alley, think again. Splitsville’s 50,000-square foot, two-story Downtown Disney location will have 30 lanes, two kitchens, a dramatic balcony, ample outdoor seating, billiard tables and live entertainment.

“In a world of smart phones, tablets, texting and social media, people need an outlet to connect again,” said Mark Gibson, co-founder of Splitsville. “We believe that a concept centered around the classic sport of bowling, but with an improved atmosphere, upscale food and pleasant service, results in a surprising destination for people to have fun together.”

Located in the heart of Downtown Disney’s West Side, Splitsville puts a whole new spin on bowling with its emphasis on unique design. Guests will be greeted with upscale sushi bars, plush booths and dynamic decor overlooking the bowling lanes. The design blends both hip and retro elements, resulting in an energetic yet comfortable atmosphere.

“One of Splitsville’s differentiating features is its innovative interior design,” said Gibson. “The lanes are separated into several clusters, which create unique lines of sight and allow guests to view bowling from a perspective that you can’t find anywhere else. It makes for a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.”

“Splitsville is clearly going to be a great place to bowl,” said Keith Bradford, vice president of Downtown Disney. “But I think our guests are going to be surprised that they can also go there for great food and to watch sports. That’s what makes Splitsville a perfect fit and such a great addition for Downtown Disney.”

Splitsville has taken great care to develop an exceptional menu that combines traditional and upscale offerings. With the help of award-winning chef Tim Cushman, Guests will find surprising elements such as fresh rolled sushi, grilled mahi-mahi with “Voodoo” shrimp and hand-cut steaks alongside alley-classics like cheeseburgers, crinkle-cut fries and pepperoni pizza.

“We have created a collection of sharable foods combined with unique beverages and signature desserts,” said Revelle. “Splitsville truly has something for everyone. We invite you to Roll in and Rock out!”