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Even the press knows we have style.
Big Ballin’: Splitsville Hits South Miami
  • Miami, FL

This economic roller coaster has you looking for ways to release pent-up tension, Big Lebowski-style. With a few upgrades, of course…

Introducing Splitsville, a new luxury bowling alley opening tomorrow at Sunset Place, and the only spot in South Miami where you can take the edge off a 7-10 split with a sparkling sake.

Located in the same second-floor landing as the movie theater box office, the venue offers a plethora of distractible pleasures. Choose from thirteen lanes, four bars, a restaurant (with high-end bites like filet sliders and spicy edamame) and a sushi bar. The place has a slick retro vibe, with giant bowling pin columns, classic ’60s-era bowling images and huge buttoned leather booths. Each elevated lane comes with its own wooden pod, so you can celebrate your highs (a turkey) and lows (no more edamame) in privacy.

And after 8pm, when the under-21 crowd is sent packing, the space realizes its full nightlife potential, complete with a dance floor, DJ and VIP bottle section, where you can get a table and celebrate all your pin-crashing glory.

Or your cute new bowling partner…

[LINK: UrbanDaddy, October 21, 2008]